Being born and raised in Hawaii, the magic of Maui has always been a blessing. And when it comes time to celebrate something special, I often enjoy jumping over to another island. Why? Because Hawaii itself is magical, and definitely worth the extra time spent.

When you plan such a celebration you must plan a few key activities to keep the vacation going. That’s when Cloud 9 came in hand. Cloud 9 Living is an interactive site that has many, many discounted activities to keep your Hawaii vacation a trip worth remembering.

When browsing the site I was amazed at all the fun outing they had to offer and at the rates worth diving in for. It was tough to pick but when it came down to it, I choose the Dinner Cruise and Luau — a choice, I most definitely was happy with!

What’s a Dinner Cruise and Luau combo?

Well.. lets just say you get the best of both worlds. First at the night of your choosing, you sail out on the waters of Maui, enjoying a sunset dinner cruise. The following night, you hit a hotel for a luau.

The sunset dinner cruise off of the island of Maui, Hawaii was absolutely awe inspiring. It started off with a cheerful welcome by the crew members. The ship we sailed on was luxurious and comfortable. As we stood at the bow and watched the sun set into the ocean we could feel the warm Hawaiian breeze against our skin.

The wonderful 3-course dinner gave us a taste of true island delicacies. They truly offer something for every palet.

Music was played by a local performer and the boat offered some room for dancing. Which was a delightful companion to the majestic beauty that surrounded us. I highly recommend this sunset dinner cruise to visitors and kaamaina alike to top off a memorable Maui vacation.

The Hawaiian Luau is definitely something all visitors and locals should experience! I often recommend hitting at least one Hawaiian luau when visiting the Hawaiian islands. There is just so much to offer, it’s a must do.

Most luaus start off with crafts for the families and kids, followed by the Imu ceremony. Staff members ‘huli’ pull, removing the pig from the ground gives you the feeling of being back in old Hawaii.

This luau had a wide variety of crafts for both kids and adults. Teaching them about many of the old Hawaiian days. Each craft had a purpose and with the beautiful ocean view in the distance, it couldn’t make the night more perfect.

As hula dancers beautifully tell stories with their hands and hips, we are reminded of the spirituality that remains in Hawaii.

When it comes to food, now that’s one of the star spots. The banquet at the luau consists of never ending Hawaiian fare. kalua pig, lomi salmon, poi, coconut pudding and fruit are just only a small sample of the wonderful food they offer.

From the friendly locals, delicious food, pristine beaches and breath taking beauty, Maui is sure to be the island you will want to visit time and time again.

Maui will always have a special part in my heart. No matter how far away I am. This vacation was something worth chasing for, and most definitely breathtaking. Each island has much to offer on its own. From Kauai’s hidden gem the Na Pali, Maui’s majestic cities and beaches, to Big Islands roaring lava from Pele.

The good thing, Cloud 9 is able to accommodate you with discounted activities at almost every island destination.

Fret your not able to hit Hawaii soon enough? Cloud 9 Living also has many offers throughout the Mainland.

Book your experience today, the magic awaits you!

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