St Regis Princeville

Located on a secluded beach cove, the St Regis Princeville on Kauai is a luxury resort apart of the Marriott collection is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and crystal clear water. Upon entering the hotel you feel welcomed and notice the historic architecture that begins in the lobby and runs throughout the property into each guest room.

The guest rooms offer modern features including mini fridges, flat-screen TVs, iPod docks and free wi-fi. If you are looking for something a little more, the upgraded rooms have terraces, ocean views and even whirlpool tubs.

We started our day relaxing poolside in a cabana, enjoying the waves crashing on the shore. They have an incredible infinity pool looking out to the ocean, and a few saunas to unwind. They also have poolside service to make your life even more relaxful.

After a relaxing day at the pool, we headed to the Kauai Grill for dinner. The hotel features several options including a casual cafe, a stylish cocktail lounge and a refined restaurant with a terrace.

Kauai Grill

After a long day of enjoying the sun’s rays and paradisiacal views from the St. Regis beaches, you can walk over to the restaurant located on the floor below the lobby. It was the absolute perfect place to watch the sunset and end our evening in style.

The building is decorated in extreme luxury. The lobby is full of high ceilings and floor to roof windows showing off the spectacular views of Hanalei Bay. Wooden columns, cream white walls and ornate chandeliers pepper this resort, and the open air architecture makes it feel roomy and huge everywhere you go. The manager of the restaurant, Cailon, welcomed us with open arms and let us know we were being taken care of with whatever we needed.

Drinks of choice on Hawaii usually include their signature fruit, the pineapple. Sweet and unique in flavor, it’s just the sort of thing we like in our hard drinks. We tried the Tahitian Pineapple, a tasty concoction of fruit and vanilla vodka. For something a little stronger, we tried the Passion whiskey fizz, which includes the passion fruit, lesser known than the pineapple but certainly not lesser tasting.

St Regis Princeville

The opener included whole grain wheat sourdough bread, and a unique butter made with rosemary sea salt. In addition, we had a small fruit salad to wet our appetites for dinner.

Our server highly recommended a wine to pair with our dinner, and the wine of choice was a merlot by Stag’s Leap, which came from Napa valley. We always like merlot, and this was just as good as you’d hope. Of course, if you prefer another red or even white wine, the wine list is plentiful and full of great choices.

Our first entree was the Roasted Organic Chicken. It came cut in three pieces with a delicious cream sauce, and cut potatoes and green beans on the side. We also couldn’t resist getting on the side the whipped truffle potatoes, a dish that combined the scrumptious flavors of garlic, green onion, and butter.

Then there was the ‘Surf and Turf,’ a dish that includes the seafood half of a meal, lobster, and the land based half, steak. The lobster was precracked by the chef, so we didn’t have to struggle with a lobster cracker to get out all the meat we could from the plate. There was also a small cube included of liquid butter to dip the lobster in, and was mouthwatering just to smell. However, the highlight of the entree was the steak. My goodness, it may very well have been the best steak I’ve ever had. Cooked precisely to my specification and still juicy and full of flavor, if you order one item when you visit I can’t say enough good things about it.

Finishing off the meal as the sun set, we dug into one of our favorites, the Butterscotch pudding. If you’ve never tried butterscotch before you have to give this a taste, and if you have, it’s like one of those small hard candies if it became an entire bowl of pudding. Then there was the salted caramel ice cream sundae, a bowl of coffee and vanilla ice cream scoops covered in nuts, caramel, and interestingly, popcorn. Then, on the house, we were provided with another personal favorite, the cheesecake, smothered in apple fritters and ice cream on the side.

Even if you don’t stay at the St. Regis, there’s no reason not to check out their restaurant. Kauai Grill has the food, drinks, and views to make it the dining experience to visit Kauai for. 

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